Michael Lohan's Samantha sacrifice

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  • 29 August 2008

Michael Lohan's Samantha sacrifice

Michael Lohan would "sacrifice" his life to get rid of his daughter Lindsay's girlfriend Samantha Ronson.

Michael - who has never made a secret of his dislike of Lindsay's DJ lover - insists Samantha is "a drug" for Lindsay, who sought treatment in a rehabilitation clinic last year, and he would do anything to separate the couple.

He said: "A person can be a drug and Sam is a drug. She's very controlling and manipulative and it's not a healthy relationship for Lindsay. It's not about Sam giving Lindsay drugs or alcohol or anything - there are prescription drugs from doctors - that have a serious effect on a person. And I would like to put that out there. These things can mess with a person's mind.

"I would sacrifice my own life to get Sam out of Lindsay's."

Michael also revealed he has no doubt the relationship will end soon, because it is too "intense".

He added: "I told Lindsay after she left the Cirque Lodge clinic that she needed to surround herself with good people when she got out and Sam is definitely not that good person. Lindsay is fragile and Sam takes advantage of her and the relationship is too intense and too dramatic."

Michael says he can see similarities between Lindsay and troubled singer Britney Spears, who suffered a public meltdown earlier this year.

He explained to gossip website x17online.com: "I see some parallels between Britney and Lindsay - the instability, the domineering companion. Lindsay's not in the state that Britney was or is, but there are minor similarities. Just because a person's not abusing drugs or alcohol doesn't mean they're healthy. And Lindsay being with Sam is making matters worse."

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