Rex is depressed

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  • 28 August 2008

Rex is not happy

Rex told Big Brother he is "really depressed". The grumpy cook revealed how low he is feeling during a Diary Room chat this afternoon.

He said: "I'm feeling quite depressed at the moment."

Big Brother asked: "What's happening in the house today?"

Rex explained: "Oh nothing, just issues with Mikey and Sara. I'm missing Nicole, and general thoughts of how she's doing after she left here.

"She didn't get a very good reception when she left. I'm just worried about things to do with her, and just feeling generally really depressed in here. I'm really fed up."

Big Brother asked how everyone else was feeling.

Rex continued: "Well, Sara's very happy and so is Lisa, as they should be after winning the money yesterday.

"Darnell has finally sorted out his issue of whether he wants to stay or go, now he realises that staying is the right thing for him. Everyone else is just in their normal moods, and Mikey's as grumpy as ever."

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