Kat: 'Mo lied'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 August 2008

Kat is not happy with Mohamed

Kathreya branded Mohamed a "liar" this morning. The usually upbeat cookie monster let rip at the 24-year-old toy demonstrator after he told her to "shut up" singing.

She said: "That's rude! No need to be rude. Especially when I always said, 'Mohamed is the most genuine guy and he never lies.' No need to be rude.

"Better just leave it, Mo."

Mohamed got up and walked around the bedroom, telling the rest of the group Kat was upset because he nominated Rachel last night.

Kat heard what he said.

She responded: ""No, I'm not. I'm upset that you lied to me."

Mohamed claimed he had previously announced he might "trip" someone.

Kat said: "Yeah, and you said, for the people who are your friends, you will never trip them."

Mohamed said he had every right to nominate the sweet-natured trainee teacher - which he was forced to do in front of her last night - because she had upset him.

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