Mikey's nomination wish

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  • 28 August 2008

Mikey does not think much of Rex

Mikey said he would have nominated Rex twice if he could have. The blind radio producer - who has made no secret of his dislike for the wealthy playboy - told Rex how much he wanted him out of the house.

The comment came after Mikey offered Sara his last tea bag, due to the house being denied hot drinks thanks to their basic shopping budget.

Sara said: "Oh thanks, I feel like I wanna cry I'm so excited."

Mikey replied: "Not at all."

But Rex said Mikey had an ulterior motive to his generosity, saying he felt guilty about nominating the sexy Aussie in last night's public nominations.

He said: "Look at that, that's sheer guilt on Mikey's mind."

But Sara stood up for Mikey's kind gesture.

She said: "No, he would have given it to me anyway."

Arrogant chef Rex went on to demand Mikey do something nice to make up for using his second nomination to put him forward for eviction.

He said: "Where's my present, after you nominated me when I didn't nominate you?"

Mikey replied: "I would have nominated you twice if I could have."

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