'Rex wouldn't share'

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 28 August 2008

Lisa would not have trusted Rex to share the £50,000 prize last night.

The former bodybuilder, 40, told Mikey she was pleased she was up against Sara last night when they were given the option of taking the sum or sharing it between them.

She said: "I knew I'd share and I was 99 per cent sure Sara would as well."

But Mikey - who has openly said he dislikes Rex - asked the recently engaged sales rep what she would have done if she had faced Rex as well.

He asked: "If Rex had another vote, what would you have done?"

Lisa replied: "I asked Rex last night if he would have shared and he said, 'yes'. I would have shared with him."

Mikey asked if she would have trusted the wealthy playboy to share, saying Rex has been selfish for the whole 13 week run of the show.

Lisa answered: "No I wouldn't, but I don't know why?

"Rex is a bit of a risk taker, a gambler, and I think he's a bit ruthless. He makes it clear he's the most important person in his life. I wouldn't put it past him.

"But there is a part of him that can be very nice."

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