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Wild deodorant review: one year since making the switch to natural deodorant

Wild deodorant review: one year since the switch to natural and sustainable deodorant

'It's great to have settled on a waste-free and reliable product that I will no doubt use for years to come'

I started using Wild deodorant one year ago when the brand launched the first-ever single-use, plastic-free, fully compostable all-natural deodorant. It's a big title indeed, and so when searching for eco-friendly and waste-free health and beauty products, I was keen to see if Wild deodorant lived up to its promises.

When I made the switch from a mainstream brand — which listed aluminium as the main ingredient — I wondered if a natural alternative could be as effective, and hoped my armpits would successfully acclimate. Since the initial crossover period one year ago, when the junk-filled deodorant seeped out of my armpits for good only to be replaced by kinder ingredients like coconut oil, eucalyptus and shea butter (which don't block the pores and are both cruelty-free and vegan), I've had no awkward 'oh dear, I stink!' moments; a pleasant surprise as other natural deodorants really didn't work for me.

With this in mind, Wild natural deodorant gets top marks for effectiveness and remains a reliable part of my daily routine 12 months on. The deodorant has held its own during slightly more strenuous lockdown activities such as YouTube workouts, furniture rearranging, painting and decorating and occasional restriction-free hill walks in and around Scotland.

Wild deodorant review: one year since the switch to natural and sustainable deodorant

Wild refill cartridges

As for the functionality of the slick-looking case, after a year of use there are no issues to report; taking deodorant cartridges out, giving the device a wipe clean and adding a new scent is simple. Occasionally I'd forget how it's done, but Wild have kindly added a reminder to the top of each cartridge.

I now own two cases and in a post-lockdown-future, I hope to have one in my gym bag as well as my bathroom. I've noticed a refill lasts me around four to six weeks and now that I understand this rhythm, it's easier to tailor my refill subscription. Subscribing to the refill program gets you 20% off the cost of buying one-off refill sets, with the added bonus of knowing they'll turn up at your door as and when you need them. To keep things fresh (ahem) Wild releases limited edition scents – like the Peach Bellini scent on Valentine's Day or the Toffee Apple refill for Halloween – alongside their staples. My favourite at the moment is the Fresh Sea Salt and Cotton, but Lavender and Bergamot are a close joint-second.

Prior to finding Wild, I spent months trying out a variety of natural deodorants that had me reaching back for my £1 landfill-ready roll-on. It's great to have finally settled on a waste-free and reliable product that I will no doubt use for years to come.

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