The Chase launches new spin-off show

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  • 2 March 2021
Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty

'The Chase' is launching a new spin-off show, 'The Chase Extra', on the ITV Hub, with the quizzers asking their own sets of questions

'The Chase' is launching a spin-off series.

The popular quiz show – which stars Anne Hegerty, Shaun Wallace, Mark Labbett, Paul Sinha, Jenny Ryan, and Darragh Ennis – has been adapted into six new short episodes called 'The Chase Extra', which will air on ITV Hub.

From Monday (08.03.21), viewers will be able to find out more about their favourite quizzers as they turn into the quizmasters.

Each episode will feature one of the formidable Chasers testing viewers with their own set of 10 questions and answers, as well as their own unique interval – including telling jokes, giving quiz tips or playing a musical instrument.

'The Chase' recorded its highest ever viewership in 2020, and has since gone on to launch another spin-off series, 'The Chasers Road Trip: Trains, Brains and Automobiles' with Shaun "The Dark Destroyer" Wallace, Anne "The Governess" Hegerty and Mark "The Beast" Labbett.

Shaun kept his cool when he was outsmarted by a child on the spin-off, as he was excited to "explore intelligence".

He said: "I started enjoying the experience and wasn't embarrassed in any way, shape or form. For me, it was about exploring intelligence and not about me being embarrassed."

The series has seen the group travel to places like the US and Japan, and Shaun has admitted to being surprised by some of the things he encountered on his travels.

Speaking about the experience of making the show, he said: "What surprised me was how intelligent animals can be, especially if you prepare them and train them.

"As I was saying, when we looked at new intelligence found in chimpanzees and primates in general, I was surprised that they are only just a step down from us.

"If animals could communicate in a way that we could understand, it could be up there, I'm telling you."

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