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  • 28 August 2008

Sara is now £25,000 richer

Lisa and Sara chose to share a £50,000 prize last night. The pair - who have become close in the house - were nominated by their fellow housemates in a shock live nomination session in which the group were forced to say who they wanted out in front of each other.

But after the results were announced, the nominees were called to the task room where they were told one of them could walk away with £50,000.

They were given the option of selecting a block marked 'take' or one labelled 'share'.

Big Brother said: "If you both choose the share block, you will both leave £25,000 richer.

"If one housemate shares and the other takes, the housemate who takes will leave the task room with £50,000 and the other will receive nothing."

The girls immediately took the share block before bouncing back to the living room to thank their fellow housemates, who were watching on a screen.

Lisa said: "I'm going to start crying! We're filled with joy!"

Sara added: "I can't believe this is happening."

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