Kevin Hart to star in Netflix's Me Time

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 February 2021
Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart will star in new Netflix comedy 'Me Time', which will reunite him with 'Night School's John Hamburg

Kevin Hart will star in new Netflix comedy 'Me Time'.

The 41-year-old actor will reunite with John Hamburg, who wrote 'Night School', for the new project and is also directing and producing.

'Me Time' tells the story of a stay-at-home dad, who finds himself with some "me time" when his wife and children are away.

He meets up with his former best friend for a wild weekend with disastrous results.

Meanwhile, Kevin is also set to star in Eli Roth's upcoming video game adaptation 'Borderlands', alongside Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett.

In a statement, Roth previously shared: "I’m thrilled to be working with Kevin.

"'Borderlands' is a different kind of role for him, and we are excited to thrill audiences with a side of Kevin they’ve never seen before. He’s going to be an amazing Roland."

Hart's character is "a skilled ex-soldier turned mercenary", who – in the game – used to be part of a highly trained private military force called Crimson Lance. Rowland is highly skilled with a range of weapons, although prefers to use shotguns and rifles.

It is not yet known whether the 'Borderlands' film will follow the gameplay footage, which sees a group known as Vault Hunters travelling to a far off planet to find a vault thought to contain advanced alien technology.