Liam Gallagher's biscuit rage

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  • 28 August 2008

Liam Gallagher's biscuit rage

Kaiser Chiefs say Liam Gallagher hates them because they ruined his biscuit.

The band's keyboardist Nick Baines has revealed the feud with Liam's group Oasis began after they did an impression of him on a British TV show.

The 'Wonderwall' singer was so distracted while berating the band for their caricature of him that he accidentally overdunked his biscuit in his tea.

Nick told BBC Radio 1: "It was the first time we'd ever been on 'Top of The Pops' and Oasis were also on and we were a bit nervous of Liam because he'd been saying stuff about us.

"But we'd been presenting on 'Popworld', where I'd dressed up as Liam Gallagher and done an impression. So Liam and me are backstage and he says, 'Right, so the reason I said that stuff about you was because I saw that programme of you doing an impression of me.'

"And as he was saying this he was dunking his biscuit in his tea - and it was then he started swearing - but he left it in too long and it ruined the biscuit. So it was my fault and I ruined his biscuit, then he started being horrible about our band."

Kaiser Chiefs also came under fire from Liam's brother Noel -the guitarist in Oasis - who compared the group to 60s band The Monkees.

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