Myles Stephenson: I had 'six hours' left to live after snowboarding accident

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  • 23 February 2021
Myles Stephenson

Myles Stephenson

Myles Stephenson has told how doctors gave him just "six hours" to live if he didn't seek help after his snowboarding accident last year, which left him with a ruptured spleen, broken ribs and damage to his lungs

Myles Stephenson was told he had just "six hours" to live if he didn't seek help after his snowboarding accident last year.

The Rak-Su singer ruptured his spleen, broke his ribs and damaged his lungs after injuring himself during a vacation to Andorra last February and now a year on, Myles admits doctors warned him he could have died if he didn't get help.

Speaking about the accident in a video on his YouTube channel, he said: "The reason why my situation was a lot worse than most because I stupidly didn't listen to my mum and left it for 13 hours. The doctor later on told me I was about six hours away from possibly dying. The moral of the story is, listen to mum."

And after the accident, which saw Myles spend two weeks in intensive care, the 'I'm A Celebrity... Get Me Out Of Here' star had to learn to walk and breathe properly again because his lungs had filled with blood.

Explaining his road to recovery, he added: "I had to learn how to walk again, a little bit. I didn't lose full motion in my legs, I just couldn't move them because I was bed bound for three weeks ... I had to learn how to breathe again. I was on oxygen the whole time. It was a tough road. I had a little apparatus with three balls in and I had to blow the balls up. If you get to two balls, you're good ... At the start of the injury, I couldn't even move one ball."

Myles is now back to full health but his terrifying ordeal hasn't put him off hitting the slopes again and he has already booked his next holiday.

He shared: "I am all good now. There is no more injury to my spleen. There is no more blood in my lungs. There are no more broken ribs ...

"I've just booked my snowboarding trip for next year. I didn't tell the Rak-Su boys because they wouldn't let me go, but I booked it."

Rak-Su's new single 'Left Right' is out now.

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