Mikey's losing streak

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 27 August 2008

Housemates managed to squander their luxury shopping budget in slot machines (2.40pm).

Four housemates - Rachel, Mohamed, Darnell and Mikey - were told they have to gamble away all of the group's £280 worth of 10 pence pieces in the casino games or risk a basic budget of just £1 per head per day.

The foursome had just two hours to witter the cash away.

After head of house Mohamed read out the instructions, kooky former bodybuilder Lisa, 40, said she was just the person for the task.

She said: "Oh I'm unlucky. Believe me."

Mikey was the last housemate struggling to lose all of his money as Darnell and Mohamed tried to help him out.

Darnell said: "You're good dude. You're coming to that home stretch."

Big Brother told Mikey to move back to his own machine after trying to shed some of his coins in Darnell's one-armed bandit.

With just 10 minutes to go, Mikey won the jackpot, giving him another 50 coins to dispose of.

Darnell screamed: "No!"

But the blind radio producer pulled it back and successfully got rid of all the change, with three minutes to spare.

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