Darnell's not jealous

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  • 27 August 2008

Darnell does not rate Sara highly

Darnell whined "why can't I have Sara?" last night. The lovelorn songwriter - who has admitted he fancied the sexy Aussie before she began flirting with former housemate Stuart - said he did not think she was particularly attractive so he should be able to go out with her.

He said: "I'm not mad because I can't have Sara, in all honesty I think there's definitely more attractive people. She's not my type.

"It's not like I'm reaching for the stars. For example, it's Sara, it's not f**king Jessica Alba or Mischa Barton or Paris Hilton. It's just Sara.

"I don't rate her necessarily that high, and because I don't rate her that highly I think, 'Why can't I have her?'"

After previously admitting he was hurt when Sara fled his bed to snuggle up with Stu, Darnell last night said he does not want to come across as a "jealous" guy.

Darnell branded Sara an "ugly b***h" on Monday.

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