Mikey's 'fun guy'

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  • 26 August 2008

Mikey likes Mo being in charge

Mikey thinks Mohamed is a "fun" head of house. The blind housemate - who has taken on the task of running the 'Big Brother' house in the past - told Big Brother what he thought of the greedy Somalian in a Diary Room chat.

He said: "I quite like Mo, he's a nice guy. Obviously one of the concerns this week is that he hasn't really got the experience of a head of house, but he's certainly been doing well so far.

"He's a fun guy, and it's the last eight days or so. I suppose we're looking for fun, and Mo's quite fun."

But the 33-year-old radio producer said he felt Mo should have stepped in when bully Rex and spiteful Darnell were picking on Sara last night.

He added: "I suppose I was a bit disappointed last night when Rex and Darnell were winding Sara up.

"I was a bit as well, but I didn't take it to the stage that Darnell did, and Mo was kind of getting in on it as well.

"Not so much, Mo, but if I was head of house, I would have nipped it in the bud a lot earlier I think."

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