Darnell's walk threat

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 26 August 2008

Darnell hates others being happy

Darnell threatened to walk out of the 'Big Brother' house this morning. The songwriter - who has been upsetting fellow housemates with his aggressive behaviour - said he was fed up with being "angry" all the time.

But Rex said Darnell was contradicting previous comments he made about wanting to get back to the outside world.

Rex said: "You go on and on about how there's nothing for you after the show."

The arrogant chef also said he doubted Darnell would quit at such a late stage in the show.

Darnell replied: "I'm not playing, dude."

Lisa added: "You might as well not even think about it now, Darnell. Anyone who went now would be crazy."

But Darnell insisted he would not be happy staying in the house.

He said: "There's obviously something wrong with me, I'm never happy. I'm so angry, I'm so bitter. I can't deal with seeing everyone happy in the house.

"I'd do this just for you guys to get in the final. I want to go. I just can't muster up the effort."

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