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  • 26 August 2008

Mohamed is now in charge

Mohamed was elected as head of house yesterday. The 24-year-old Somalian - who has been branded as "greedy Mo" by fellow housemates - was unwittingly put forward by the rest of the group, who thought they were voting for who they wanted evicted.

Mohamed has now been granted immunity and is guaranteed a place in the 'Big Brother' final.

The group jumped up and down with excitement when Big Brother announced the news, with Rex starting a chorus of Europe's 'Final Countdown'.

Rachel said: "Well Done, Mo! You are happy, aren't you?"

Mohamed was speechless at the result.

Big Brother treated the housemates to pitchers or cocktails, dubbed 'Mo-garitas' in celebration of the new head of house.

Arrogant chef Rex - who is always forcing his culinary skills on the rest of the group - conducted a master class in how to make Margaritas.

A special task will decide which housemate - excluding Mohamed - will be evicted on Wednesday.

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