Lisa's Mario shrine

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 25 August 2008

Lisa is now engaged to Mario

Lisa made a shrine to Mario last night after his surprise proposal. The former bodybuilder - who has been moping since her boyfriend was evicted from the 'Big Brother' house - collected every photo she had of the beefy Romeo, including a life-sized cardboard cut-out.

However, grumpy Rex insisted the fake Mario be turned to face the other way because it was "staring at him".

Earlier, housemates were gob smacked to see 43-year-old "facilitator" Mario standing in the garden wearing a tuxedo.

He fired off a series of printed messages for his love.

They read: "Lisa... I am very sorry... to say you're single... no more... as I have spoken... to your Daddy...

"Therefore I would like to... Marry you?"

Lisa screamed: "Yes, yes, yes! I love you babe"

Later, Darnell joked around with the cardboard Mario, standing behind it and calling all the housemates into a health and safety meeting.

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