Sara's kind words

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  • 24 August 2008

Sara thinks all the housemates are special

Sara gave a heartfelt speech this morning. The 27-year-old PA stood up at the breakfast table to tell each member of the group how she felt about them.

But bully Rex branded Sara's speech boring.

Sara said: "I do think you are all amazing in you own little ways."

The sexy Australian began by saying how much she has enjoyed her time with crazy cookie fiend Kat.

She said: "With Kat, on one hand she can be serious and you can have special conversations with her. She is very intelligent."

Sara went on to make an awkward summary of Darnell following the pair's conflict recently.

She said: "Obviously with Darnell we have had our ups and downs. In the beginning I did see him as my best buddy in the house, but obviously things have changed between us. I still don't know what the reason for that is to be honest."

Next up was sweet-natured trainee teacher Rachel.

Sara gushed: "Rachel, I think you are the sweetest thing ever. You have never raised your voice or said a bad word about anyone."

She added: "I really like Mikey because he just says it how it is. He makes me laugh so much."

Rex concluded the speech in his typical bullying fashion.

He said: "OK, shut up and sit down. Wow, that was boring. God damn."

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