Emmerdale's Bhasker Patel reveals whether he could be friends with Rishi Sharma

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  • 22 January 2021
Bhasker Patel

Bhasker Patel

'Emmerdale' star Bhasker Patel thinks Rishi Sharma would be a great friend to have around

'Emmerdale' actor Bhasker Patel would "love" to be friends with Rishi Sharma.

The soap star – who has been part of the ITV show since 2011 – has opened up on his own character, and he'd be delighted to have someone like Rishi in his life.

Answering questions from fans, he told Inside Soap magazine: "I could be friends with Rishi – he's a very positive person, and comes from a hard-working background.

"Rishi started from nothing, came to somewhere, had a dream, started a family, and build up his business.

"He's always helped people and taking them under his ring. I'd love to have someone like Rishi in my life."

Bhasker also commented on potential storylines for Rishi as the character approaches a decade in the Dales.

He said: "That's a tough one! I know 'Emmerdale' is a big tapestry, and I'm a little thread somewhere – but it'd be nice, now that Rishi doesn't have the factory any more, to go into another business.

"He could be a partner in the Woolpack! I'm not sure how Chas and Rishi would work in the Woolpack – she's a no-nonsense woman, and I think that he would annoy her..."

The soap star has loved his time on the show, and he's constantly getting recognised in the most unusual situations.

He added: "There are a few places – a couple of urinals in hotels! But there was one time recently in a supermarket where someone just kept following me.

"I was wearing a mask so they could only see my eyes, but I caught his eye, and he goes, 'Ah, ha! So they did let you out of Emmerdale village'.

"And I couldn't believe it, I hadn't even said anything!"

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