Pas-ta sick bowl!

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 24 August 2008

Mohamed vomited after trying to eat a mountain of pasta as part of a 'Big Brother' task.

The Somalian toy salesman - who has been labelled "greedy Mo" by his fellow housemates for his usually insatiable appetite - could not stomach the huge Italian dish the group was given only two hours to finish.

Big Brother set up posh restaurant Grande Fratello's for the task last night. If they finish it, the contestants will win a special prize.

US rapper Darnell poured the slimy food all over his face while sweet-natured Rachel threatened to tip a bucket of the stuff over Rex's head.

Lisa - who is set for a surprise proposal from boyfriend and former housemate Mario later today - said she thought the task was "impossible".

She said: "We're never going to eat all of that in two hours. We might as well just face it."

Rex agreed: "An elephant wouldn't be able to eat that in two hours."

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