Jake Wood's Instagram account 'hacked and deleted'

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  • 21 January 2021
Jake Wood

Jake Wood

Jake Wood has taken to Twitter to tell his fans his Instagram account was "hacked and deleted" yesterday (20.01.21), and his Twitter was also hacked and he was "frozen out", but he later gained access again

Jake Wood's Instagram account has been hacked and deleted.

The 'EastEnders' actor was also "frozen out" of his Twitter account after someone infiltrated his social media, but he later got his Twitter account back and is now "working on getting [his] Insta back".

He tweeted: "Just to let you all know that my @instagram account @mrjakewood was hacked and then deleted last night and this Twitter account was hacked and I was frozen out. Just got this back. Working on getting my Insta back (sic)"

It comes just two weeks after Jake slammed a "cretin" who attempted to impersonate him on Instagram.

The Max Branning star wrote: "It has come to my attention that this cretin @mr_jakewood is messaging a lot of my followers pretending to be me. Please report & block. Thanks (sic)"

And last week, Jake revealed another "cretin" had been pretending to be him.

He wrote: "It has come to my attention that there is another cretin pretending to be me reaching out to my followers @private__jake__wood. Please report and block (sic)"

The 48-year-old star recently started posting direct messages his followers had sent him on his main Instagram grid, and then replying to their questions.

One of his recent posts was a message from a follower, which stated: "if you reply to this I'll get a tattoo that says stressed to the max (sic)"

He added the caption: "Cool. photo please (sic)"

Jake also shared a fan message directed to his character Max.

It read: "Hi max just want to say if you killed Ian it's not your fault he was being really rude (sic)"

Jake commented: "Seems reasonable" 

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