Mikey's baseball anger

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 August 2008


Mikey was furious with Darnell and Mohamed when he got hit in the neck by their baseball today. Blind Mikey was innocently swimming in the pool when the 'Big Brother' boys - accompanied by Rex - decided to play the game next to him, with Mohamed batting and Darnell bowling.

As Darnell got ready to throw the ball, he murmured: "This ball hurts as well."

After missing the first ball Mohamed connected well with the next shot, sending the ball hurtling towards an unaware Mikey.

Suddenly the radio producer started screaming and furiously rubbing his neck.

He bellowed: "Ow!"

Mohamed, Darnell and Rex immediately started giggling, although Darnell did seem to realise his laughter was probably not impressing Mikey, saying: "That was not funny at all."

As the trio continued tittering, a furious Mikey screamed: "F***ing p***k. That was not f***ing funny."

Darnell spluttered: "I'm sorry, it's not funny, I'm only laughing at your reaction I'm not laughing at you getting hit in the head."

Incensed by the laughter, Mikey screamed: "It's not funny! Rex, who was that?"

Through his giggles, Darnell admitted: "It was me and Mohamed."

The boys then chorused "sorry" as Mikey fumed: "That's f***ing s**t guys."

Darnell said: "Sorry, I'm only laughing at how angry you are."

Rubbing his neck Mikey grumbled: "Look at that. F***ing hell guys."

As Mikey retreated inside Darnell admitted: "That was the worst thing that could have happened.

"I feel like we learnt a lesson. Like that's why Big Brother doesn't let us play baseball games by the pool."

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