Myleene Klass blacked out after suffering nasty fall in Dancing on Ice training

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  • 21 January 2021
Myleene Klass

Myleene Klass

'Dancing on Ice' contestant Myleene Klass suffered a "mini blackout" last week when she fell and banged her head on the ice during training

Myleene Klass blacked out last week when she banged her head during 'Dancing on Ice' training.

The 42-year-old star was performing a spin when she fell onto the ice and suffered a "mini blackout", but she didn't realise what was happening, and she has been holding her breath at times during rehearsals because she is "so scared" of falling.

She said: "I have banged my head on the ice already. I didn’t realise that when you do the spins, you can have a mini blackout when you get dizzy.

"So we were doing a spin and when I watched the footage back, the next thing you see is a banged head. Wait until you see the footage – you won’t believe it.

"We were doing the rehearsals last week and I didn’t realise it was a blackout, as it’s a very weird feeling. You don’t realise it is happening.

"I hold my breath because I am so scared, but that’s not the right thing to do. I actually did it while I was stationary. Yes, I can fall over from stationary."

Myleene has also suffered a torn meniscus – a cartilage in her knee – and admitted she feels "embarrassed" by the injury, because it is "not very sexy".

She said: "I feel almost embarrassed by my injury, because it's not very sexy. I feel like a nana.

"It is very painful, but it's just not very sexy when you say your knees have gone.

"Learning to dance on ice is no easy feat. On land I feel like I'm quite stable, I can do my turns and get my counts to the music.

"But as soon as you remove the land and replace it with a very slippery surface it does all manner of things to your joints."

Myleene joked she is "like the Tin Man", because she has to oil her joints before she can "even think about getting out of bed", but she much prefers learning to dance on the ice to homeschooling.

The singer – who has daughters Ava, 13, and Hero, nine, with her ex-husband Graham Quinn, 46, and has 17-month-old son Apollo, with her fiancé Simon Motson, 46.- added: "Family life at the moment is a lot.

"My children are asking me about fractions – but I'd rather go on the ice and take on the headbanger than take on fractions."

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