Housemates' Head chat

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 August 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates discussed the next Head of House task last night. As the group sat around chatting, Rachel pointed out the next leader would automatically win a place in the final as they would be immune from nominations.

Mikey said: "We don't want to hear any nonsense, 100 per cent from everybody. Whoever wins head of house tomorrow will definitely be in the final."

Lisa exclaimed: "That's too much to think about at the minute."

The contestants then began to discuss what the challenge might be, with make-up loving Lisa adamant it would involve a beauty parlour.

Rachel suggested it would be an endurance task, saying: "It's going to be the fairest of all."

Kathreya said she wasn't particularly interested in the task as she wanted an easy life, causing Darnell to comment she just didn't want to be a target.

He added she shouldn't worry about that this time as there would be no more nominations, so it wouldn't matter if you became a target.

Mikey agreed, saying: "If you want to be in the final, you'll need to do the task."

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