Dani Dyer trying 'everything' to make her baby arrive quicker

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 20 January 2021
Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer

Dani Dyer has been putting Tabasco on “everything” and drinking raspberry leaf tea to try to help her baby arrive quicker, as she thinks her unborn tot is "too comfortable" in her womb

Dani Dyer has been putting Tabasco sauce on “everything” and drinking raspberry leaf tea to try to help her baby arrive quicker.

The 24-year-old television personality – who is the daughter of Danny Dyer and Joanne Mas – is currently expecting a baby with Sammy Kimmence, and she’s desperate to give birth, after initially hoping her tot would arrive around the festive season last month.

During an episode of Spotify Original podcast ‘Sorted with the Dyers’, her dad Danny joked: “I think you’ve been slightly selfish holding this baby in for as long as you have.”

And she replied: “I feel like this baby is too comfortable.”

Danny added: “Well we thought we were going to have a Christmas baby.”

The former ‘Love Island’ star then revealed she’s been trying several remedies that are thought to help speed up the process, including drinking herbal tea and eating spicy food.

But Dani hasn’t had any luck so far, as she blasted the solutions as “myths”.

She explained: “I’m trying different things. I’m drinking my raspberry leaf tea, I’ve been bouncing on my ball.

“I’ve been putting Tabasco on everything! I am trying, but apparently that’s all a myth, all the hot curries and what you’re meant to do.

“A curry upsets my stomach anyway so imagine that!”

Also during the podcast, ‘EastEnders’ star Danny shared some parenting advice with his daughter, as he told her not to let her child sleep in her and Sammy’s bed.

He said: “We made the mistake of having you in bed with us, and I’m telling you don’t do that. We’ve had questions before about the whole ‘Oh f*** it, let’s put the baby in bed with us’. I remember we put you in bed with us straight away and it f***** us for many years.”

When Dani asked if it made her “naughty”, Danny added: “Well you’re still a bit clingy now, because of it, so…”

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