Kat's Darnell tears

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 23 August 2008


Darnell reduced Kathreya to tears last night. During a late night discussion, the US rapper accused Kat - who Rex had made cry earlier in the day - of failing to support him when he fell out with fellow 'Big Brother' contestant Sara.

Furious Darnell declared: "I'm just saying I'm sick of this house and I'm sick of this b******t and I want to get the f**k out."

Darnell is angry with Sara because she chose to get into bed with Stuart - who she had a crush on - rather than him two weeks ago.

As he moaned about his shattered relationship with Sara, Rachel and Kat gently suggested he try talking to her to try to sort out their problems but he refused to listen.

He then moaned that he was the last to know she had feelings for Stuart, saying: "How come every other housemate has the inside track."

Kat broke down in tears, but explained it wasn't her place to tell him Sara's secrets.

She said: "If two people have problem it should be two people's problem. What am I, a rubbish bin?"

During the conversation, Darnell also accused Kat of failing to support Rex during the night's eviction.

Claiming it was wrong that Kat had chosen to hold nominee Sara's hand rather than sit with Rex - whose girlfriend Nicole was eventually given the boot - Darnell said: "I was f***ing shocked, dude. I was there to support him and I had my own battles going on."

Kat rubbished his argument, saying it was just because he didn't like Sara: "You don't care about other people. The only thing you care about is Darnell."

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