Nicole evicted

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  • 23 August 2008


Nicole was evicted with 94 per cent of the public vote last night, making her the most hated 'Big Brother' housemate ever. The 19-year-old student was nominated along with Sara and Lisa and was delighted when Davina called out her name, punching the air and shouting "yes".

She excited the house to what Davina called a "heavy reception", with the audience booing her continuously.

Asked about the boos, she said: "Obviously it wasn't very nice but I was expecting it. I wasn't expecting cheers."

She also explained how hard she found her time in the house, claiming none of the other contestants tried to befriend her.

She said: "I was never myself. It was a hard situation being Rex's girlfriend. They all had their friends and they didn't want to get to know me at all.

"I'm usually so fun and bubbly but not in there. I knew so much from the outside world that I couldn't say."

When quizzed on what she knew, Nicole admitted she had read stories about Rex allegedly cheating on her.

Davina then played her clips of her numerous arguments with Rex, prompting the reply: "Oh dear, that is cringe. It's not nice, that is awful.

"It's horrible, it's not nice. It was so hard because he was going on about trusting me; him trusting me is not the issue at all."

She admitted they do row as much in real life, but still termed their relationship "strong" even though she called Rex "controlling".

After Davina explained many felt she and Rex had bullied blind Mikey during the 'Thriller' task, Nicole apologised for her behaviour and said she had not meant to be nasty.

She added: "Mikey did upset me and he was really nasty in that house. He did hurt me."

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