Kat's Rex upset

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  • 22 August 2008


Kathreya revealed she is upset by the way Rex has been treating her today. The cookie-loving 'Big Brother' housemate was initially close to chef Rex, but in a private conversation with Rachel she admitted she felt he was making no effort with her anymore.

Kat started the chat by telling Rachel she was amazed by how little some of the contestants seemed to care about their friendships.

She then expanded on her point, saying some people had treated other like "pieces of rubbish" during the 'Thriller' shopping task earlier in the week.

Trying to cheer her friend, Rachel said: "You are a good person, I'll be very grateful to have a friend like you when I leave here. If other people can't see that Kat, then it is their loss."

The true source of Kat's upset was then revealed, with the Thai masseuse explaining she had made a real effort to be nice to Rex' girlfriend Nicole since she entered the house, especially when it was just them and Mikey living in Hell.

She said Nicole has a "negative attitude" and explained she cannot fake a friendship with her, but is worried her friendship with Rex might be jeopardised.

She added: "I can't stop myself feeling so disappointed. I must have done something wrong, that is why they don't like me anymore."

After their conversation, a clearly upset Kat told Mo she was "sick of people's attitudes" which she called "two faced and back stabbing".

Later, she broke down in tears when Rex accused her of picking on Nicole.

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