Darnell's win wish

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 August 2008


Darnell admitted how much he wants to win 'Big Brother' this afternoon. In a frank conversation with Nicole, the US rapper admitted he was so close to the final that winning was a distinct possibility and a prospect he found exciting.

Darnell - who has impaired vision - added he would never be able to fly a plane or drive a car, but winning the show was actually within touching distance.

Explaining part of the joy of winning would be that he would have a place in an "exclusive club" Darnell said: "If I win this, it is something that only eight other people can say they have done."

He added he wanted to be "part of that stuff".

The rapper then revealed how deeply his sight problems have affected his life, saying: "I was in America, it is the most image-conscious place ever.

"I'm 15, and everyone else is driving to school and I'm taking the bus. That makes me a loser right then and there.

"I have to always be aware that I'm still missing out, because I see you but because I know I'm not seeing perfect it is not the same.

"No-one understands it, so they just don't bother with it."

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