Free Mo!

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 22 August 2008


The 'Big Brother' housemates have been order to campaign for Mohamed's release from prison. Mohamed was jailed earlier today as a punishment for discussing nominations with Nicole, but Big Brother decided to allow the rest of the group the chance to secure his release.

Head of House Rex was called to the Diary Room and emerging clutching a set of instructions.

He read: "Big Brother will be providing t-shirts and materials to make placards to help housemates campaign for his release. Each housemate must wear their t-shirt. Each housemate may also make a placard from the materials provided by Big Brother to promote their appeal. Housemates may demonstrate to free Mohamed from jail."

Nicole immediately said: "Well... what if you don't want to?"

Rex continued: "Later, Big Brother will call each housemate one by one to the Diary Room, where they must bring their placard and individually appeal for Mohamed's release.

"Each housemate will be asked to give one reason why they believe Big Brother should release Mohamed.

"If Big Brother is satisfied with the housemates' appeal, Mohamed will be released.

"If Big Brother is not satisfied with housemates efforts, Mohamed will be evicted in tonight's eviction."

A stunned Rachel screamed: "What?!"

However, cheeky Rex burst out laughing and explained he was just joking.

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