Melissa Suffield 'detests' her post-pregnancy body 'some days'

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  • 15 January 2021
Melissa Suffield (c) Instagram

Melissa Suffield (c) Instagram

Former 'EastEnders' actress Melissa Suffield "detests" her post-pregnancy body some days, after giving birth to her son in March

Melissa Suffield "detests" her post-pregnancy body some days.

The 28-year-old actress – who played Lucy Beale in 'EastEnders' – has admitted to experiencing mixed feelings about her post-pregnancy figure, after giving birth to her son in March, but she has called for people to love themselves.

Melissa wrote on her Instagram account: "Some days, I absolutely detest the body that pregnancy has left behind.

"I'm not unrealistic. I did not expect for one second that my body would snap back as soon as I'd given birth.

"What was left was a woman I didn't recognise anymore. She was a stranger, and she was upsetting me, so in return I wasn't kind to her. The message is clear. Love yourself! (sic)"

Melissa insisted it's fine for mothers to have mixed feelings about their bodies, and while she aspires to rediscover her pre-pregnancy figure, she's still grateful for what her body has given her.

She wrote: "I can appreciate my body and everything it has given me, while still wanting to better myself.

"I can mourn my pre-baby stomach, and still be grateful that it grew my body.

"I can want it back into my favourite pair of jeans, without it being because I'm conforming to unrealistic and dangerous beauty standards."

Melissa also insisted that wanting to lose some of her pregnancy weight doesn't make her "fatphobic".

She said: "I can want to shift some of the weight I gained beyond my control during pregnancy, without it making me fatphobic."

The soap star feels that setting herself a weight-loss goal will be "good for the soul and the mind".

She shared: "I can see my body and recognise it's worth, but I can also set myself a goal. After all, having a project is good for the soul and the mind."

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