Rex' tactless comments

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  • 22 August 2008

Rex and Nicole

Rex upset Nicole with some tactless comments today. As the 'Big Brother' lovebirds sat on the sofa with Sara, talk quickly turned to tonight's nomination, with Rex doing little to allay his girlfriend's fears she might be homeward bound.

Sara said: "I'm going to get booed something shocking."

Despite sitting right next to his girlfriend, Rex commented: "You and Lisa won't, Nicole might."

Sara queried: "Why would Nicole get booed?"

In a matter-of-fact tone, Rex explained: "Because she's been an a**e since she's come here."

Sara argued: "She hasn't done anything!"

Rex explained: "She's been nasty to everyone. She has. She hasn't been herself because she hasn't felt comfortable here. The only time I've seen Nicole be herself was last night when she got in the pool."

An amazed Sara said: "Are you joking? Nicole, do you think you've been yourself?"

Nicole replied: "I haven't been fake but I haven't been my full self."

Rex added: "She's normally really happy, jumping around. She's been a miserable little g*t since she's come here."

An irritated Nicole fumed: "Oh thanks Rex. I just don't enjoy some people in here, that's all - they really p**s me off. So I don't want to be here."

A furious Rex walked off after muttering: "Nicole, I can't listen to your rubbish anymore."

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