Girls' eviction worry

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  • 22 August 2008


Lisa, Nicole and Sara discussed the prospect of tonight's eviction this morning. The three 'Big Brother' housemates are all facing the public vote and are all worried they might be asked to take part in a task later today which would cut down on the amount of time they have to get ready before the evictee is announced.

Relaxing with a cup of tea, Lisa said: "I had a good night's sleep."

Rex suddenly let out a cry, prompting Lisa to ask if Nicole had "trumped" in the bed next to him.

Sara said: "You love saying that word, don't you Lise?"

Batty Lisa replied: "Yeah and I'm getting used to the trumping. It's part of life in the House. 'Hello, this is Davina... please do not trump.' "

Bringing down the mood, Nicole asked: "Are you scared?"

Sara admitted: "I will be later tonight. I'm prepared to go. If Davina says my name, I'm ready for my interview and everything."

Nicole then began to worry the girls might be set a last minute task, adding she would refuse to take part so she could spend enough time getting ready.

Lisa consoled: "I don't think they will. We've all got to do our hair and stuff."

She then added that, although Stuart and Dale had been set a task at 5pm, she didn't think they would be.

Perhaps underestimating the dark side of Big Brother, Nicole said: "Big Brother wouldn't do that."

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