Alison Hammond looking for a male assistant on Wheel of Fortune

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  • 13 January 2021
Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond

Alison Hammond is looking for a "hot" male assistant to help her on the upcoming 'Wheel of Fortune' reboot

Alison Hammond is looking for a male assistant to help her on the 'Wheel of Fortune' reboot.

The 45-year-old star wants a hunk to join her on the popular game show to fill the spot which was previously occupied by assistants Jenny Powell and Carol Smillie.

Speaking to AJ Odudu on the ITV podcast 'My Life In TV', she said: “I want to do the spinning of the wheel, and I want my own male glam model. That would be amazing – a really hot one.”

It was revealed last month that Alison will first host a pilot episode of the show, which will lead to a full run if all goes well.

An insider said: "Her profile has rocketed recently."

The programme aired on ITV between 1989 and 2001 and was previously hosted by Bradley Walsh, Nicky Campbell and John Leslie.

Jenny Powell recently admitted she would love to see the game show rebooted after she previously asked her agent about a revival.

She said: "About two years ago I asked my agent who had the rights to it – I said it should be coming back really, but didn’t do anything about it."

And while she would love to star on the reboot, she is happy that Alison is taking control.

She added:  "I think Alison would be great and I’d definitely be there if the offer came up. "Even if it was just to give advice as I know the rules inside out."

Jenny also believes the game show could help to lift the spirits of the nation amid the latest coronavirus lockdown.

She said: "Everybody's become really nostalgic and it would be great for it to come back, but I’d like it to stay similar to the way it was, not get too much technology involved and keep the rickety wheel that sometimes used to break."

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