Call The Midwife stars freezing as they film

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  • 13 January 2021
Stephen McGann

Stephen McGann in Call The Midwife

'Call The Midwife' stars are freezing as they film the 10th series in the middle of January

'Call The Midwife' stars are freezing as they film the 10th series.

The BBC One period drama is usually filmed in the summer months but owing to the coronavirus pandemic, there was a delay to filming and the cast are now having to film in the depths of winter.

Stephen McGann, who plays GP Dr Turner in the BBC show, said: "We’ve never filmed in January before, and we’re in this huge cold place. Added to that, the trailers are cold, the set is cold."

And Stephen has praised the show's bosses for having to "reconstruct whole scenes" to comply with government guidelines amid the current health crisis.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror about the regulations, he added: "Acting is a contact sport. The poor old Covid supervisor goes, 'You can’t stand there, you can’t touch them, you’ve got to be here, you’re not allowed to go near here.' And so you have to reconstruct the whole scene. Then our first assistant said, 'Oh, by the way – it’s the middle of summer so you’re all really happy.'"

'Call the Midwife' returned for its annual Christmas special recently after a number of the cast and crew felt it was their "responsibility" to give viewers some normality following the coronavirus pandemic.

Stephen said: "We’ve been overwhelmed by the number of people who have contacted us just at their relief that something was still going to be the same. And I think as actors we underestimated that and it was humbling. We’ve been reminded that, to other people, we’re a part of that pattern of Christmas and the festival. It’s a responsibility and one we’re proud to shoulder, and the atmosphere on set, the morale is very good. "We’re working under restrictions as we all are but things are good and we’ve got a good attitude towards it and we remember what it’s all for in the end."

Creator Heidi Thomas admitted the festive special is "for the audience".

She added: "Yeah, it’s all for the audience and our fans. It ruins our Christmas every year because we get so nervous but it’s a sacrifice we’re willing to make!"

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