Jason Donovan talks possibility of Neighbours cameo

Jason Donovan

Jason Donovan feels like it would be a "publicity stunt" if he returned to 'Neighbours' for a cameo

Jason Donovan feels like it would be a "publicity stunt" if he returned to 'Neighbours' for a cameo.

The 52-year-old actor played Scott Robinson in the soap in the 1980s but insists it is unlikely he would return for another stint at the moment, despite his daughter Jemma now being in the show.

When asked if he would consider making a cameo on the Australian soap, he said: "The problem with that is the publicity would be bigger than the moment itself, and you'd have to go in there and commit for a long period. If you just made a two or three week appearance, it becomes a publicity stunt. That's not what I need at the moment, and not what she needs, so it doesn't feel right at the moment."

And Jason has heaped praise on his daughter – who plays Harlow Robinson in the soap – for her strong work ethic and her love of acting, insisting that she made her own luck.

Speaking about his daughter's passion for acting, he added: "You know, I don't believe in luck – you create your own luck in life. Jemma had already done a couple of shows, including a Netflix series and a BBC comedy drama called 'Mr Stink' with Hugh Bonneville. She's passionate about acting and that's all she needs. She's got a strong work ethic. There's not much more to it than that really.

Jason admits he initially felt nerves for his daughter appearing on the show.

Asked if he felt nervous for his daughter, he told heat! magazine: "For the first few days, but it didn't take her long to adjust. She's a bit old beyond her years, and she's smart. You know, she has a bit of pedigree invested in the show, so it was the right place for her.

"There's a bit of nepotism, but it's not like I used any influence to affect that casting. I don't know anyone who works on the show now, other than Stefan Dennis. She got that role on her own. Being a Donovan isn't a negative, put it that way, but she works hard and she deserves her success."