Charles Venn's wife found Casualty's Covid episode a 'tough watch'

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  • 12 January 2021
Charles Venn as Jacob

Charles Venn as Jacob

'Casualty' actor Charles Venn has admitted his wife found it "tough" to watch the BBC serial drama's coronavirus-focused episode after her cousin died from Covid-19

Charles Venn's wife found it "tough" to watch Casualty's coronavirus episode.

The BBC medical drama returned on January 2nd following a four-month break with a powerful ep focused on the pandemic, but Charles – who plays Jacob Masters on the serial drama – admitted it was a bit too close to home for his significant other.

He said: "My wife, it was a bit more of a personal touch for her.

"Unfortunately, her first cousin died from this retched disease, so it was a tough, tough watch.

"It brought back some sad, painful memories."

Charles believes one of the show's "magical properties" is the fact it covers such hard-hitting issues.

Speaking on 'Lorraine', he added: "One of Casualty's magical properties is that it does tackle these real issues.

"Most of the scenarios, if not virtually all of them on 'Casualty', have happened before, but of course you do dramatise it to give it the entertainment quality.

"That's the magic of 'Casualty' – we do inform, but at the same time we do entertain."

The episode saw Clinical Lead Connie Beauchamp's (Amanda Mealing) leadership qualities pushed to their limits after several of her team fell ill with the virus in the line of duty.

And the ep ended in tragedy as much-loved receptionist Noel Garcia (Tony Marshall) sadly passed away after he contracted Covid-19.

What's more, Charlie Fairhead (Derek Thompson) was left devastated by the impact of coronavirus on local care homes, and it was revealed paramedic Lev Malinovsky (Uriel Emil) had moved out of the family home during lockdown to protect his vulnerable young son, who is recovering from cancer.  

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