Anne Hegerty will never quit The Chase

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  • 12 January 2021
Anne Hegerty

Anne Hegerty

'The Chase' quizzer Anne Hegerty will only depart the game show if she is fired or if the programme is axed

Anne Hegerty will only leave 'The Chase' if she is sacked or the show is cancelled.

The 62-year-old quizzer – who was diagnosed with Asperger's syndrome, a form of autism, in 2005 – can find it "quite difficult and stressful" to get showered and dressed, but she feels comfortable in the studio.

She said: "Not unless I get fired or they cancel it. In a sense, it's an easy job. I'm autistic, so I find things like getting showered, dressed and making my way to the studio quite difficult and stressful.

"But the place where I know absolutely what I'm doing is on the studio floor.

"I'll often find myself thinking, 'Why can't the rest of life be like this?' "

Anne also admitted autism is "very disruptive" to her life.

She added to the Radio Times magazine: "One of the traits of autistic people is that we get obsessed with things.

"You end up with an enormous amount of information, but it is very disruptive to your life."

Last week, Anne revealed her ideal man is 'Men in Black' actor Tommy Lee Jones and admitted she has to let some of her female fans "down gently" at times.

She said: "I seem to have quite a fanbase among gay men, I don’t quite know what that proves. Most of my fans are older women and I think some of them are woman who are rather hoping that I am a lesbian and I have to let them down gently.

"Right from my teens I was always into older men, to the concern of my mother. Everyone else my age went through a David Cassidy phase, I didn’t go through [that] phase, I went straight to the Lee Marvin phase.

"What can I say, my ideal man is Tommy Lee Jones."

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