Darnell's Sara row

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  • 22 August 2008


Sara and Darnell argued last night. The US rapper sent Sara fleeing to the 'Big Brother' Diary Room in tears after he admitted he was still angry about the way she had flirted with former housemate Stuart two weeks ago, even though she knew Darnell liked her.

Darnell told Kathreya and Rachel: "I'm not going to lie, we do not get along. As soon as start talking to each other we don't get along. She made me look like a pervert on national television. F***ing b***h."

Meanwhile, an upset Sara emerged from the Diary Room only to disappear into the bedroom, where Lisa tried to comfort her.

After Sara said she didn't think Darnell's rants even made sense, Lisa wondered whether he was trying to get a rise out of her so she would look bad to the public.

Sara said: "He has spoiled it for me now and if I go tomorrow I would've had the s*****t night and last day and up until now I've had such a good time.

"I always thought me and Darnell were good friends. Over the past few days, I've switched my opinion like that, because it's just been digs after digs after digs."

Explaining Darnell might be upset because Sara doesn't find him attractive, Lisa said: "He was jealous of Stuart. Maybe I've got it wrong but he liked you when you came in, he's took it the wrong way and he's got a soft spot for you."

Angry Sara replied: "It's not my fault I had a crush on Stu. That's Darnell's problem."

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