Gregg Wallace wants to end food snobbery

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  • 11 January 2021
Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace

Gregg Wallace wants to end food snobbery and is starting by dispelling people's negative opinions about the kebab

Gregg Wallace wants to end food snobbery and is starting with the kebab.

The 'Masterchef' star think it is crazy how food is the "only snobbery allowed" as he slammed those who said they "didn't expect" to find him in restaurant chains like Harvester.

Speaking about food snobbery, he said: "I think it’s a class thing. There are people that would honestly think Pret a Manger is healthier than Greggs. Why? When I lived in Whitstable, Kent, I used a Harvester all the time in Herne Bay and people used to say, ‘I didn’t expect to see you in here’. Why wouldn’t I be in here? It’s the perception middle-class people eat in one and working-class people eat in the other, so the working-class one should be bad for you. It’s absolutely rubbish.

"Food is the only snobbery allowed. Imagine pulling up in your expensive car alongside somebody at the lights with a cheap car and saying, ‘Is that all you’ve got?’ But people do it with food."

And Gregg's first focus is the kebab, which has a bad reputation for being a post-night out 3am meal.

Speaking to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre TV column about the humble kebab, he shared: "The one that troubles me is why kebabs have got such a bad name. I think it’s because working-class people eat them, so everyone thinks they must be s***. “If you get some grilled lean meat, which is not fried, is charcoal grilled, and you put it in bread with no butter and raw vegetables and salad with no dressing, what on earth is the problem? Any nutritionist would say, ‘Get right on it!'"

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