Lucy Spraggan's sex club wish

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  • 9 January 2021
Lucy Spraggan [Instagram]

Lucy Spraggan [Instagram]

Lucy Spraggan wants to visit a sex club, after having a boob job left her more confident about her body

Lucy Spraggan can't wait to go to a lesbian sex club, following her boob job.

The former 'X Factor' contestant is so pleased with her new 34D assets that she is already making plans to show them off, as soon as the Covid-19 pandemic is over.

She told The Sun Online: "Before, I never saw my body as a sexual vessel. I know that's quite a Shakespearean way of describing it but, in my eyes, I was never sexy.

"I just feel more of an exhibitionist now, like I would do anything. I'm not afraid of being naked anywhere now!

"I'm waiting for all the sex clubs to open so I can go! I signed up for a sex party then Covid happened! A lesbian one.

"This vaccine needs to hurry up so I can go to a sex club."

Lucy revealed she decided to have a boob job after her breasts "started shrinking" when she lost weight.

She said: "My boobs started shrinking as soon as I started losing weight. I was single from July 2019 so I'd started reentering the single world and I became a little bit more aware of what I looked like.

"In the beginning it was like: 'I've got a six pack, look at me!' Then it's like… 'look at the state of my t*** because of the six pack'. It’s my reality and it's honest.

"If I'd just appeared with some t*** out of nowhere, you might not have really noticed if I'd not got them out but if other people have lost a considerable amount of weight, they might think: 'Why are Lucy Spraggan’s t*** fine when mine aren’t?' If you lose a lot of weight, the reality is you’re going to have loose skin and that's not something I was aware of."

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