Ashley Banjo plans to create 'political choreography'

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  • 8 January 2021
Ashley Banjo

Ashley Banjo

According to Ashley Banjo, the time has come to create some "political" choreography

Ashley Banjo is planning to create some "political" choreography.

The 32-year-old dancer created a Black Lives Matter-inspired routine in 2020 that prompted a wave of complaints from TV viewers, but after the US Capitol building was stormed earlier this week, Ashley suggested he'll now start working on some politically-themed choreography.

He wrote on Twitter: "Right then, time to create some new ‘political’ choreography...

Somehow I don’t think this one will get as many complaints though... (sic)"

Ashley's Black Lives Matter-inspired routine on 'Britain's Got Talent' – which followed the death of George Floyd in the US – prompted more than 24,000 Ofcom complaints.

However, Ashley previously defended the routine, saying it was centred on "an idea of unity".

He explained: "The performance itself was supposed to be a round-up of everything that we felt in the year; a summary of the things that have affected us, from lockdown to Covid to, you know, people standing out in the streets clapping the incredible NHS at 8pm on Thursdays.

"It was an idea of unity, the idea of hope. And obviously, as part of that routine, it would be impossible to ignore how much the Black Lives Matter movement, the idea of racism coming to the forefront of global attention, is present. It’s here and it’s right now."

Ashley was determined to shine a light on the issue, and appreciated the chance to put his point of view across.

He said: "The idea that there are some people who didn’t even really know that racism still exists – that’s the problem for me. That’s why it’s the right stage.

"That’s why I’m so passionate about creating these performances. And I’m also really passionate about freedom of speech and about open conversation and opinion.

"I love this country. That’s why I love living here and that’s one of the beautiful things about living here: the fact that we can all speak our mind."

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