Tony Maudsley's sleep woes

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  • 8 January 2021
Tony Maudsley as Kenneth Du Beke in 'Benidorm'

Tony Maudsley as Kenneth Du Beke in 'Benidorm'

'Coronation Street' actor Tony Maudsley cannot sleep past 4am - and it is "doing his head in"

Tony Maudsley says it is "doing his head in" not being able to sleep after 4am.

The 'Coronation Street' actor, who plays George Shuttleworth in the ITV soap, keeps waking up earlier than he needs to, and he has sought solace with former 'EastEnders' star Tamzin Outhwaite, who is also suffering from sleep issues.

She wrote on Twitter: "Been awake since 4am... morning everyone (sic)"

Tony replied: "Oh me too!! Every day! It's doing my head in! Shall we go for a jog? (sic)"

Tamzin – who previously played Mel Owen on the BBC One soap – admitted she would be up for a walk with the 'Corrie' star, but he pointed out they are based in Manchester and London so it could be tricky.

But he joked if they set off from their respective locations they could meet in Birmingham next week.

He tweeted: "Awww now that would have been lovely! But you're in London and I'm in Manchester. If we set off today we could meet in Birmingham on...maybe Wednesday!! LOL (sic)"

Earlier this week, Tony – who is best known for playing Kenneth Du Beke in 'Benidorm' – admitted his 'Corrie' costume was a bit "snugger" than it was in December.

He tweeted: "Ooh my costume was a little snugger this morning than it was before Christmas. It may be time for a salad."

And Tamzin said this week she was embarking on an eight-week challenge to go without alcohol and "rubbish food".

She wrote on Instagram: "New day, new week, new year, new beginnings.... 1st workout with @richie.swan and a whole bunch of brilliant people on insta live .... 8 week challenge... no alcohol, or rubbish food, loads of water and a daily sauna in my @getmihigh sauna blanket. (sic)"

Following her exercise class, Tamzin managed six hours sleep, but was hoping for eight hours.

She tweeted: "Fell asleep at 11.30pm and woke at 5.30.... Insomnia is back. (sic)"

In response to a follower who questioned how her insomnia was back if she managed six hours of shut eye, she replied: "Just really wanted one night of 8 hrs. (sic)"

Another of Tamzin's followers insisted that is "not really insomnia", and she replied: "I know. It’s actually greed"

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