Robert Webb continued filming Back amid heart scare

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  • 7 January 2021
Robert Webb

Robert Webb

Comedy star Robert Webb has revealed he continued filming 'Back' after discovering he had a heart murmur

Robert Webb carried on filming 'Back' after discovering he had a heart murmur.

The 48-year-old comedy star has revealed he continued shooting the Channel 4 sitcom, even though he'd discovered the heart issue shortly before filming began.

Robert shared: "I saw a cardiologist who basically said: 'This heart is going to fail in the next two to six months'. But that didn't stop me doing a week's filming.

"For reasons that I now find inexplicable, I just went to work for a week!"

Production staff tried to support Robert amid his health scare. However, the former 'Peep Show' star accepts that he was taking a risk.

He told the Daily Star newspaper's Hot TV column: "There is a scene where I'm supposed to be carrying a box up some stairs and the art department made it as light as possible.

"But I still found that scene the equivalent of doing five normal scenes. I thought: 'Really I should go home and try not to have a heart attack.'"

Last year, Robert explained that his health scare led him to think more about his own death.

The comedy actor – who underwent an operation to resolve the issue with his heart – admitted that death now feels less "foreign" to him.

He said: "I certainly felt that my own death is now not this very, very mysterious or foreign thing any more. It’ll be a day like this. And I’ll be wearing clothes like this, and I’ll get out of a bed like the bed I got out of this morning.

"I’ve got the shape of it. I can weigh its dimensions. And I feel more chilled out about it because I think I can see it. I’m more relaxed, and it’s a relief."

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