'It's been wonderful': Lionel Blair receives 2nd dose of coronavirus vaccine

  • Bang Showbiz
  • 7 January 2021
Lionel Blair

Lionel Blair

Entertainer Lionel Blair has praised the scientists for creating a coronavirus vaccine after he received his second dose yesterday (06.01.20)

Lionel Blair says having the coronavirus vaccine has been "wonderful".

The entertainer turned 92 on December 12th, when he had the first part of his jab, and yesterday (06.01.20) he had the second dose, and the former 'Name that Tune' presenter has thanked the scientists for creating the vaccine.

He said: "I'm feeling fine. It was the best birthday present I could've had. I was 92 on December 12th and on that day they said I could have my first one, which I did. My first appointment.

"And yesterday I had my second.

"It's just been wonderful, and I want to thank the scientists for getting this together.

"It's wonderful what they've done."

Former 'Celebrity Big Brother' star Lionel has now called for everyone to "do as [they are] told" and have the vaccine, wear their masks, stay at home and wash their hands amid the pandemic.

Speaking on 'Good Morning Britain', he added: "I do the flu jab every year, I do as I'm told.

"And that's what everybody should do. Wear your masks, stay home, wash your hands."

This comes after Lionel revealed in January 2019 that he can't get work due to sky-high insurance costs.

He said at the time: "The terrible thing at the moment is when they want older people on television the insurance costs a fortune, as you can imagine.

"It falls on the production company, so they've got that to pay on top of my wage, and they can make young people look older."

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