Mica Paris 'wasn't expecting' EastEnders role

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  • 6 January 2021
Mica Paris as Ellie Nixon

Mica Paris as Ellie Nixon

'EastEnders' star Mica Paris "wasn't expecting" to land the role of Ellie Nixon in the BBC One soap, and she faced a four-month wait before filming began

Mica Paris "wasn't expecting" to land a role in 'EastEnders'.

The 51-year-old singer-and-actress portrayed no-nonsense Ellie Nixon from September to October last year, but she was shocked to secure the part and had a four-month wait to start filming after finding out she had won the role the day before the first coronavirus lockdown in 2020.

She said: "I wasn’t expecting to get the role of Ellie Nixon in 'EastEnders'. I found out I got the part the day before lockdown and I had to wait four months before I could start filming so I was slightly nervous when I walked on set.

"My character is mean and hardcore. I’ve never played a baddie before and I absolutely loved doing something outside of my comfort zone.

"I’d never want to be like that in real life!

"They’ve had strong characters like Pat Butcher, but they’ve never really had someone like me before, so I really applaud 'EastEnders' for creating the character."

Despite the agonising wait to get started on Albert Square, Mica enjoyed some "great bonding time" with her daughter when the nation had to stay at home first time around.

She added to Closer magazine: "Lockdown was great bonding time for me and my youngest daughter, Russia-Mae. Our breaks together are usually on holidays, so it was really beautiful to be at home with her and cook, which is one of my passions.

"I forgot all of that because I’m usually on the go and on tour, and she’s always busy too. It was a lovely, quiet time for us both. It’s important to look for the positives in tough times."

Mica recently admitted she found the on-screen intensity between herself and Steve McFadden – whose character Phil Mitchell faced off against Ellie in numerous scenes – to be "insane".

Asked how she's found the experience of working on the show, Mica replied: "Unbelievable. The intensity between me and Steve is insane. It's like ... the way I would describe it is like two Range Rovers facing each other."

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