Matthew Wright and family 'out the other side' after coronavirus symptoms

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  • 6 January 2021
Matthew and Amelia Wright

Matthew Wright and wife Amelia

Matthew Wright has given his social media followers a health update after fearing his family had been struck by Covid-19

Matthew Wright and his family are "out the other side" after suffering from coronavirus symptoms.

The former 'The Wright Stuff' presenter doesn't know for sure that he, his wife Amelia and their 23-month-old daughter Cassidy have contracted the virus, as they are still waiting for the test results, but he believes they are on the mend now, apart from the coughing.

On Wednesday morning (06.01.21), he tweeted: "Good news: All three of us seem out the other side of this now I reckon bar the coughing.

"Thanks again for your kindness x stay well everyone (sic)"

He also told a follower: "The cough is pretty grim! just told a friend it’s easy to see how breathing could become v difficulty v quickly. Great to hear u r ok tho xx (sic)"

Earlier this week, the 55-year-old star opened up about his fears they could be battling coronavirus, especially as a neighbour has been on a ventilator after testing positive.

He said: "Cassie’s been coughing through the night coughing up phlegm, and making herself sick from coughing during the night.

"It’s been pretty grim and I’m trying not to try not to panic, trying not to call an ambulance knowing the hospitals are going to be overcrowded.

"So we’re just trying to keep a cool head on things, and push on through it."

He also revealed how there were fears his neighbour – who is 60 with no underlying health conditions – may have had to have their life support turned off after contracting the illness over Christmas.

He added: "He was in intensive care on Christmas Day, no underlying health conditions. Just over 60, and we’ve heard that he may have his life support turned off today.

"So we have to put our situation in relative to everybody else's, and you know, technically, statistically, we’re going to be okay so we’re just going to push on through."

He later took to Twitter and told his followers: "So all three of us are improved, Cassady still coughing but smiling.

"Amelia and me a bit behind, my cough pretty bad... no news on my neighbour which I’m hoping is a good thing. Thanks for all the good wishes – please follow the rules! Xx (sic)"

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