Kathy Burke has milk dream in lockdown

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  • 6 January 2021
Kathy Burke

Kathy Burke

'Absolutely Fabulous' actress Kathy Burke has been dreaming about milk during lockdown

Kathy Burke has been dreaming about milk during lockdown.

The 56-year-old star joked that her rather mundane dairy dream – which she revealed just a couple of days after England went back into full national restrictions to battle the coronavirus pandemic – was a result of her age.

She tweeted: "Dreamt the milk in my fridge was past its use by date. It isn’t. Mid-fifties are soooooo sexy, kids. (sic)"

Her followers were quick to respond, with one user commenting that "sell by dates are arbitrary" and "milk can spoil before or after".

Kathy – who admitted she went to check the milk after waking up from her dream – quipped: "Stop flirting."

Others shared their own bizarre dreams, including one woman of the same age who imagined they were "making jam from human flesh".

Taking the reply in her stride, the 'Absolutely Fabulous' actress responded: "Freud would have a field day with that one."

Kathy previously revealed she enjoys ranting on social media and loves when her followers tell her off for using bad language – which she has claimed she picked up from nuns at her convent school – as it reminds her of her dad.

She said: "I came on to Twitter in my 50s and I sort of think that was perfect. I am just a ranting old lady really and I like it. If I get angry about stuff – I have to say I can use quite fruity language at times which isn't to everyone's taste.

"I am always being told off for using bad language but it's sort of lovely really, because it makes me think of my lovely dad who was constantly shouting at me for bad language."

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