Simone Lahbib credits Danny Dyer for creating 'exciting' EastEnders scene

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  • 4 January 2021
Danny Dyer as Mick

Danny Dyer

Simone Lahbib is pleased that social-distancing rules were relaxed for her scene with Danny Dyer

'EastEnders' star Simone Lahbib thinks it's "great" social-distancing rules were relaxed for a recent scene with Danny Dyer.

The 43-year-old actor – who plays Mick Carter in the BBC soap – asked TV bosses to ease the restrictions before filming a scene in which Mick confronts Katy Lewis, Simone's on-screen character.

She explained: "Purely from an actor's point of view, those scenes were exciting to tackle. Danny asked the producers if we could be in a bubble beforehand as it would have been extremely hard to do whilst keeping a two-metre distance.

"So we implemented all the precautions needed and were able to film those scenes safely. Without having as many restrictions, it meant that we were able to really throw ourselves into it.

"It was great, especially because we haven't been able to work like that before."

Simone was aware of the importance of the scene before the cameras started filming.

And she thinks that easing the rules actually made the scene easier to shoot.

She said, according to Digital Spy: "Katy was cornered when Mick arrived and the audience were able to see just how dark and nasty she is.

"I remember just before going on set, I had a moment, thinking about the scene I was about to do and its importance. I looked up at the red light in the studio and felt such a thrill and gratitude to have such a great job and a complex character to play, especially during these times.

"It felt like standing in the wings waiting to go on stage with all that adrenaline. I really care about the storyline, it's so important and I hope that it raises awareness."

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