Louisa Lytton has wedding booked for July

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  • 4 January 2021
Louisa Lytton

Louisa Lytton

'EastEnders' actress Louisa Lytton and her fiance Ben Bhanvra have booked their wedding for July this year, but the pair are prepared to cancel their nuptials if they cannot have their desired guest list due to Covid-19 restrictions

Louisa Lytton has booked her wedding for July this year – but she will postpone her nuptials if her guests cannot attend due to coronavirus pandemic restrictions.

The 'EastEnders' star and her fiance Ben Bhanvra were planning to tie the knot last year but had to put their nuptials on hold due to the pandemic, and the Ruby Allen actress has admitted if Covid-19 dictates she cannot have her full number of attendees then she is prepared to delay proceedings again.

She said: "We’ve booked the wedding for July, we just don’t know if it will go ahead. We’ve said that if we can’t have the exact wedding we want, with all our guests, we’ll postpone it again.

"Otherwise, to me that’s not a wedding – it’s not the wedding I would want. It’s not worth it for us."

Louisa wouldn't want her wedding guests to "feel on edge" at her nuptials.

She said: "Now we’ve bought a house we know we’re going to be together forever as the house is a huge commitment.

"We will get married but when everything is relaxed and people feel safe. I wouldn’t want people to feel on edge."

In the meantime, the pair have acquired puppy Riley, and the 31-year-old star admitted being a mum to her pet pooch has heightened her desire for a child.  

She added to OK! magazine: "I’m like a proud mum! I miss Riley when I’m at work. He’s pulled our focus into something wonderful.

"I got him to give Ben some baby practice and it’s definitely done the trick! I’ve been broody for a while anyway.

"If I could I would love to have a big family. I’m an only child and I did have a very happy childhood, but I would like to have more than one."

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